Friday, August 5, 2011

Quick update of this year!

Wow, it's been a long time! I'm such a slacker.. I can't believe Brandon is almost 2 and our next baby is almost here! Time flies so much. Brandon is doing amazing! I can't believe how much his life has turned around in the past year. He hadn't gained weight for almost a year and up until a week ago still weighed 17 pounds. .Everywhere I go people ask if he's 9 months old. =) We went through a lot of testing and waiting to get him some human growth hormones. But a week ago we finally were approved and started them! He is at least 19 pounds, maybe more. In one week he gained 2 pounds! We are sooo happy for him and his little body, now he finally has energy..he's so much happier and gaining weight. What a blessing for us all to have been approved for this amazing therapy. 

This baby (due the end of September) is perfectly healthy and doing good. It's another boy, and we're naming him Jackson Alexander. We are so excited for Brandon to have a little brother. I will have a C section the last week of September if it doesn't come before that. We are so grateful that we haven't had a stressful pregnancy this time around. 

Mike got a new job in the ER at KU. So tonight is his last night in the burn unit. He's excited and sad at the same time. This morning he got home and said he worked on 2 people who kept dying and coming back to life all night. He literally did chest compressions on 2 people from a house fire for 4 hours straight. He was exhausted and pretty bummed when he got home because they both ended up passing away. I'm so proud of him, he is a very valued employee at KU. 

I am continuing to work on my masters online. I have just been going part time so I can go without being too overwhelmed with everything else that's been going on. I will be done next May and couldn't be happier! I tease Mike that I'm going for my PHD after that. lol He says I'm done after this. I have literally been a student all my life, no breaks seriously. I am not going to know what it feels like when I'm done. I think I'll be sad..I'm such a nerd. 

Well..I was thinking I should update and that's about all that's going on with our family. Hope everyone is doing well! 


The Nelsons said...

Glad to see you update!! :) Good for Mike and good for YOU on the Masters!! I seriously want a PhD eventually. I'd love to teach some night classes at a university. By the way, whenever I watch Beauty and the Beast with my girls, I think of you and that New Years you were at our house in Lincoln. We watched BATB and made noise and ran around the house at midnight. <3

amoreanimatedlife said...

Oh my goodness..i remember that. We were always up to something when i visited! Remember when we had british accents all night? Lol we were so annoying im sure. I know i really want to keep going with school too! How are your girls doing?